NCECA 2012 Projects Space: On the Edge

NCECA 2012 Projects Space: On the Edge

NCECA 2012 Projects Space: On the Edge

ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, November 4th, 2011 (midnight MDT)

To be “On the Edge” is to be balancing yet changing, openly vulnerable and possibly ephemeral, about to plunge into a place that is undefined, unconventional and unexpected. “On the Edge” can be applied to virtually anything, from an impeding natural force to a chemical process, to a human emotion, memory, or condition. The dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the Pacific Northwest is a geographical manifestation of this concept and is at its most vigorous along the shores of Seattle and the Puget Sound-the site of NCECA’s 2012 Conference.

“On the Edge” can also easily be applied to the medium of clay. Of all the materials that artists reach for, it can be argued that clay holds the most fundamental potential: able to immediately respond to the force of a touch, constantly changing and moving on to the next edge of expression. 

For the 2012 Projects Space in Seattle, artists are invited to consider the possibilities that lie within the medium of clay and submit works that consider the concept of “On the Edge.” Now in it’s third year, NCECA’s Projects Space is a platform for ceramic artists to present works that embrace the medium not as an end, but as a means of embracing the material as a physical metaphor, allowing it to communicate beyond the expected. Jurors Linda Ganstrom, Marianne McGrath, and Jeffry Mitchell are looking for submissions that not only actively embrace the concept of “On the Edge” using the medium of clay as a central focus, but also engage their materials, processes, and audience in unique and unconventional ways. Artists should keep in mind that the Projects Space Exhibition lies in the Central Hall at the heart of the NCECA Conference, and works are meant to grow and change throughout the duration of the conference.

Five juried and invited artists will be assigned a 10’ x 19’ raw space in the Central Hall of the Seattle Convention Center to create their works during the week of the 2012 NCECA Conference. Artists will have from 9am to 4:30pm Tuesday, March 27th to install their materials and begin their piece. The artists will be featured guests at a reception Tuesday evening. Artists will continue to interact with their materials and piece throughout the conference ending Friday, March 30th at 5pm. Artists will de-install and clean their spaces from 5-9pm that evening.


  • Selected and invited artists will receive a 2012 Conference Pass and a $500 stipend. The stipend is all-inclusive and is meant to aid in the purchasing of materials for the work, and in the shipping of the work to and from Seattle.  Artists will be responsible for all shipping costs and ensuring all their materials are available for the installation to begin at 9am on Tuesday, March 27th. Artists shipping directly to and from the WSCC will make arrangements with NCECA staff, and will incur an additional fee for signing. Artists will receive approval for payment of their stipend based on the condition that their space is left clean, without debris, or leftover materials of any kind. There should be no evidence of the piece remaining in any form. Plastic sheeting will be available for the floor, and the spaces will be clearly delineated. 

  • All proposals should follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Washington State Convention Center that are included at the end of this call. Electricity will be available for those who arrange for it with the NCECA Projects Space Coordinator beforehand at an additional cost to the artist. NCECA is not responsible for any loss or damage to an artist’s equipment or materials.

  • A handful of volunteers will be on hand to assist all artists with install, de-install, and throughout the week, however artists are responsible for arranging their own assistants to ensure the timely installation and de-installation of their own works. 

  • All installation arrangements and protocols are subject to approval by Projects Space: On the Edge coordinators to insure no building or safety codes are in violation. This is for everyone’s security and is to help everyone make sure nothing is being overlooked that might cause potential problems.  Please consider this a safety step and not content scrutiny as once your proposal is accepted, the content is supported as you have outlined and is not in question.

As described above, Projects Space will be open to the public Tuesday evening for the reception followed by regular hours of9am-5pm Wednesday-Friday. All proposals should consider that the artists are asked to be in their spaces during these times, either working on the creation of their works, the changing of their works, or the performing of their works (breaks, visits to talks, etc. are obviously allowed). This characteristic of Projects Space creates a spectrum of things to avoid, from an object-based work statically presented in a space unchanging, to a performance that should normally maintain an air of spontaneity simply being repeated over and over.

ONLINE SUBMITTAL: For their completed submissions artists must provide:

  • A 500 word artist statement/project description explaining their artistic vision as it relates to the proposed work for Project Space;
  • A 50 word abstract of their intended project that if selected will be included in the 2012 NCECA Program Guide (NCECA reserves the right to condense statements for any additional publication purposes).
  • 10 - 20 images of work;
  • A current resume or CV;
  • A detailed account of the installation process that identifies the artist(s)’ abilities to professionally and successfully ship, install, and create the work in the allotted amount of time, follow appropriate, logical and practical building and safety codes;
  • A detailed list of ALL supplies and equipment that will be used, included amount and types of clay. A note on how much electricity is required.

Any questions should be directed via email to Marianne McGrath, Juror & Coordinator of Projects Space 2012.

Prepared by Marianne C. McGrath, Coordinator, NCECA’s 2012 Projects Space

2011 Projects Space Artists: Sharan Elran, Brian Molanphy, Eva Kwong, Henny Linn Hjellberg, Terri Frame, Tiny Circus, Julia Haft-Candell, Dawn Holder, Marianne McGrath, Colby Parsons.

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