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“After graduating with a BFA from the University of Connecticut, I began a career in graphic design. After a few years of working in my field, I realized that my need to create could not be fulfilled by sitting in front of a computer. A friend suggested that I take a pottery class and after a little convincing, I agreed.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that working with clay was what had been missing from my creative life. I started having dreams about throwing and not long after beginning that class, I left the graphic design world and a steady paycheck behind in order to devote all of my time and attention to ceramics. Initially, that meant washing the studio floor at Creative Arts Workshop in exchange for extra studio time. The following year, I moved to Brooklyn where I worked for and alongside several well established potters and ceramic artists. In May 2004, I set up my own studio and began designing and producing a body of work.

In keeping with my love of throwing, all of my pieces still begin on the wheel. My formal art training, the human body, nature and modern industrial design and architecture all have an impact on my work. These influences have served as important references in my experimentation of the altering and reconstruction of traditional forms. Form is the most important aspect of my pieces which I augment by manipulating fluid lines and curves to enhance the beauty and function of each piece.

It is important to me that people enjoy handling and using my vessels as much as viewing them, so each pieces is built to be aesthetically and tactically pleasing. I know that my quality of life is definitely dependent upon my surroundings and I am certainly more comfortable and happy when I am surrounded by the people, animals and things that I love. I create each Whirl, vase and vessel with the hope that it will bring joy to its new owner and add beauty and visual interest to its new home.

I am currently working out of my studio in the beautiful Bronx, New York.” Kim Westad

Kim Westad’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

2001 – Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT
1998 – BFA Graphic Design. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
1992-1995 – Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

2004 – Present Studio Ceramist. Bronx, NY
2003 – 2006 Assistant, Rezware. NY, NY
2002 – 2003 Studio Assistant, The Painted Pot. Brooklyn, NY
2002 Studio Assistant, Creative Arts Workshop. New Haven, CT
2000 – 2001 Graphic Designer, VIA. Danbury, CT
1999 – 2000 Graphic Designer, Quench Design Group. Providence, RI
1998 – 1999 Graphic Designer, Whitticombe & Frost. Woodbury, CT

2009 – Niche Magazine, 2010 Niche Awards Finalist
2008 – 500 Plates & Chargers, Lark Books
2008 – Niche Magazine, Artist Profile
2007 – House Beautiful, 101 Vases
2007 – Las Vegas Home & Design

2010 – NICHE Awards Finalist,
2009 – One of a Kind Show NYC, Pier 94, NY, NY
2009 – Jersey Shore Clay National 2009, m. t. burton gallery. Surf City, NJ
2008 – Steamboat Springs Invitational Teapot Show. Steamboat Springs, CO
2008 – Bust Craftacular. NY, NY
2008 – Modern Mart IV: Emerging Designers Invitational. NY, NY
2008 – Made in Clay Invitational, Greenwich House Pottery. NY, NY
2007 – Bust Craftacular. NY, NY
2007 – Etsy!, Pocket Utopia Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
2007 – Armonk Outdoor Art and Fine Craft Fair. Armonk, NY
2007 – Renegade Craft Fair. Brooklyn, NY
2007 – Jersey Shore Clay National 2007, m. t. burton gallery. Surf City, NJ
2007 – Solo Exhibition, Kiva Cafe. NY,NY
2006 – Craft As Art Festival, Nassau County Museum of Art. Roslyn, NY
2006 – Goods and Objects Artisan Exhibition, Pelham Art Center. Pelham, NY
2005 – Craft As Art Festival, Nassau County Museum of Art. Roslyn, NY
2005 – The 20th Annual Autum Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. NY, NY
2005 – The 29th Annual American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center. NY, NY
2005 – The Arts Festival at Lyndhurst Estate. Tarrytown, NY

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