The Third Annual Ceramics of America 2012: Exhibition and Art Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco

Ceramics Annual of America 2012: Exhibition Art Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco

The Third Annual Ceramics of America 2012: Exhibition and Art Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco, California, USA
14-16 September, 2012

Opening Reception and Preview Party: September 13, 2012, 5:30 – 9 pm

Witness A Unique Experience: Ceramic Sculpture from Around the World

The Ceramics Annual of America (CAA) is an ambitious exhibition and art fair spotlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary ceramics from around the world including works from China, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Italy. It is the only event of its kind in the United States and the goal is to encourage the education and enrichment of the public, cultivate a fertile art market, and foster dialog between collectors and makers of ceramic sculpture.

Part of California’s continuing legacy of excellence and innovation in ceramics, the CAA is the largest exhibition and art fair that is entirely focused on ceramic art in America and is modeled after the Ceramic Biennials held in Europe, Korea, Japan and China. It provides a venue for the top regional and international artists from working in the clay medium to show their work to a broader audience of collectors.

The CAA is organized by the California Ceramics Cooperative, a group of invested regional ceramic artists, and will feature panel discussions, lectures, tours as well as daily interactive art demonstrations from 4-5 that will provide a greater understanding of the artistic process for students and educators alike. Schools located in the Bay Area will have free admission all day Friday and should contact the Ceramics Annual for Reservations. Featured artist and instructor Kevin Nierman, author of “The Kids ‘N’ Clay Ceramics Book,” will provide “Artistic childcare” on Saturday and Sunday from 11-3.

The exhibition will be held in the 50,000 square ft. Festival Hall at Ft. Mason, capable of accommodating as many as 10,000 people. A popular attraction for countless national and international visitors to the city, Ft. Mason still resonates with the presence of the California Funk movement of the sixties and seventies that inspired ceramic greats living in San Francisco today. Its close proximity to nature, unique architecture and nostalgic atmosphere contribute a breathtaking backdrop for an impressive array of Ceramic Sculptures.

Last years event was a huge success with over 7,000 people in attendance. The museum quality exhibition included educational lectures by curators such as Peter Selz and Phil Linhares and renowned artists such as Jim Melchert. “The size and scale of such an exhibition and the education opportunities, all under one roof, were extraordinary.” — Art Historian, Peter Selz.

Featured artists:
Bill Abright (CA*), Amber Aguirre (Hawaii), Steven Allen (CA), Wesley Anderegg (CA), Merry Arttoones (Arizona), Lucy Beazley (CA), Cindy Billingsley (Tennessee), Jennifer Brazelton (CA), Angela Brickner (S. Carolina), Bruce Cadman (CA), Lisa Clague (North Carolina), Michele Collier (CA), Shenny Cruces (CA), Martha Daniels (CA), Javier del Cueto (Mexico), Natasha Dikareva (CA), Jeffrey Downing (CA), Lynda Draper (Australia), Carol Fergoso (CA), Linda Fitz Gibbon (CA), Allesandro Gallo (Italy), Jon Gariepy (CA), Maurizio G Rivera (CA), Tebby George (CA), Dina Gewing (CA), Arthur Gonzalez (California, Ray Gonzales (CA), Becky Grant (CA), Michelle Gregor (CA), Stephi Gruenberg (CA), Bryan Higgins (CA), Liz Howe (New York), Ryan Hurst (CA), Damien Jones (CA), Francisco Jimenez (CA), Michael Keighery (Australia), Joe Kowalczyk (CA), David Kuraoka (CA), Chris Kanyusik (CA), Carmen Lang (CA), Rodrigo Lara (Mexico), Anontio Lawson (CA), Seungwon Lee (South Korea), Elizabeth Levine (New York), Diane Levinson (CA), Eusebio Lozano (CA), Rene Martucci (CA), Kathryn McBride (CA), Jane McDonald (CA), Zhang Ming (China), Paul Moran (CA), Tomoko Nakazato (CA), Kevin Nierman (CA), Kathy Pallie (CA), Virginia Rigney (CA), Lisa Rienertson (CA), Gail Ritchie (CA), Gregory Roberts (CA), Cybele Rowe (CA), Juan Santiago (CA), Bar Shacterman (CA), Tiffany Schmierer (CA), Barbara Sebastian (CA), Nancy Selvin (CA), Leslie Smith (CA), Vipoo Srivilasa (Australia), Shannon Sullivan (CA), Glenn Takai (CA), Claudia Tarantino (CA), Yoshio Taylor (CA), Derik Van Beers (CA), Cindy Williamson (CA), David Zdazil (CA), Jin Zhenhua (China), Guangzhen Zhou (CA).

THURSDAY, September 13th - Opening Reception:
5:30 – 9:00 pm - Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason

FRIDAY, September 14th:
10:00 am - Show Opens
10:30 - 12:30 pm - Carmen Lang Demonstration
11:30 am - Tour of the Exhibition with Bill Abright
1:00 – 3:00 pm - Jeff Downing Demonstration
3:30 pm - “New Figuration: Sources & Synthesis” Panel Discussion featuring: Susannah Israel, Michelle Gregor, James Tisdale and Tomoko Nakazato.

SATURDAY, September 15th:
10:00 am - Show Opens
11:30 am - Tour of the Exhibition with Clayton Thiel
1:30 pm - International Artists Panel Featuring Belinda Berger (Germany)

SUNDAY, September 16th:
10::00 am - Show Opens

Admission: $10 for a one day pass, $20 for a two day pass, Opening Reception - $45, $5.00 after 5:00, Friday and Saturday. Ages 18 and under are FREE.

Nancy Reseller
Tel. 1.877.459.9CAA

Ceramics Annual of America 2012
Fort Mason, Festival Hall
San Francisco, CA
United States

Above: Bryan Higgins, Reliquary Triptych, exhibited work.

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