Sylvie Godel

Swiss-born ceramist, Sylvie Godel graduated from Geneva HEAD – Haute Ecole d’art et de design (formerly Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliquées), in 2004. Since 2005, she has been working independently at her workshop in Lausanne, the same town where MUDAC – Musée de Design et d’Arts appliqués Contemporains, has welcomed her artwork.

Sylvie’s porcelain creations have been exhibited in several galleries and design shops in Europe and Asia. She regularly participates in artist residency programs in Japan and China.


Sylvie Godel Ceramics, Porcelain works

– Porcelain works, 2005-2013

Sylvie Godel uses porcelain she collects all over the world — Japan, England, Germany, France — to create delicate, small and versatile art pieces. Indeed, by assembling several objects Sylvie creates quiet and meditative installations. She can also propose single and functional pieces as unique miniature sculptures.

Her goal is to transmute families of plates, bowls, jugs or bottles into story tellers and transform objects into pieces of art. At the core of her work, one will find simplicity of form, light interplay, purity of volumes and matter’s visual qualities.

For Sylvie, everyday life is a melting pot of inspiration: she immerses herself in vibrations, lights, colors, landscapes, journeys and encounters. Her poetic and sensual creations may be used daily, so as to contribute to making one’s life a pleasant adventure.

SYLVIE GODEL’s C.V. (resume)

2001-2004 – University of Applied Sciences in the “Design Ceramic and Objects Course”, Geneva (Switzerland), Bachelor of Arts in Ceramic Design
2005 – Artist in Residence Program at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Japan)
2010 – Artist in Residence at the Fuping Pottery Art Village, Fuping and at the Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen (China)
2006-Present – Studio work as a ceramic artist in Lausanne

2014 – Artislong Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, with Benjamin Frei
2013-2014 – “Dialogue onirique”, Janus Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland, with Jean Cocteau
2013 – “Taste of water”, Emmanuel Guillod Gallery, Vevey, Switzerland
– Ceramica contemporanea Svizzera 2013, Art Museum, Mendrisio, Switzerland
2011 – Jardin Zen, ESF Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland
– Céramique contemporaine – Helvètes Vulcains, Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – MUDAC, Lausanne, Switzerland
– “Un bijou de céramique” Séries Rares Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
– Mass kit, Atelier L-Imprimerie, Lausanne, Switzerland
2010 – Séries Rares Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, group exhibition about water
2009 – “Vers un ailleurs”, Biennale Swiss Ceramics, Basel, Switzerland
– “XXX”, ESF Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland
2008 – Design Shop, MyDesignDistrict, Lausanne
– Marianne Brand Gallery, Carouge-Genève, Switzerland, with Jean Pfirter
2007 – “Céramique Update” / CERCCO – Experimentation and Research Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, art en île, Geneva, Switzerland
– “Jeunes céramistes voyageurs”, 10e Parcours céramique carougeois, Biennale de la céramique et du verre contemporains, Carouge-Genève, Switzerland
– YvArt Gallery, Yverdon, Switzerland, with Jens Balkert
2006 – Maronie Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, with Céline Chevalley
– Artislong Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, with Céline Chevalley
2005-2006 – “Design Labor”, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
2005 – CO2 céramique, Villa Dutoit, Geneva, Switzerland
2004 – “Blickfang 04”, Designfair for Furniture, Jewellery and Fashion, Zürich, Switzerland
– “Point de vue”, Charmilles New-Tech Center, Geneva, Switzerland
– CO2 céramique, Art au Pluriel Gallery, Vevey, Switzerland
2003 – “Objet de commémoration”, Ariana Museum – Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass, Geneva, Switzerland

2008 – Design prize 2008 “Kunst + Designpreis Im Namen der Lippischen Rose”, Horn- Bad Meinberg, Allemagne
2003 – First prize at the competition “Objet de commémoration” organized by the Ariana Museum – Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass, Geneva, Switzerland
2002 – Second Prize at the competition “Plats Figgjo” organized by the serigraphic firm M&R, Saarbrücken, Germany, graphic design on three ceramic objects

2010 – Fule International Ceramc Art Museums, Fuping, China
2007 – Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland

2011 – Michigan State University, Ceramic Department, Lansing, USA
2008 – Swiss Ceramics, Congres 2008, Bern, Switzerland

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